Year: 2020

6 Month Payday Loans – Easy Way To Get Cash Help For A Long Time

Intense competition in this world we all have different needs that are increasing every day. With augment every day we have some new problems that need money to get solved. There are several loan advertisements in the leading newspapers coming up and television promising with easy and fast loan help and that in a matter […]

Pay back longer and you’ll get a bigger loan! Is it worth it

For several weeks, banks have had a new limitation around their neck – they must be more conservative in their credit standing. According to the provisions of the T recommendation, which entered into force in December 2010, the sum of all loan installments repaid by borrowers may not exceed 50 percent. net earnings. If someone […]

Presidential law: franchisees will be able to restructure the loan

It permits forced restructuring, e.g. in a situation where the bank does not want to deal with the borrower in debt. The bill aims to restore the equality of the parties to the loan agreement, which was denominated or indexed in foreign currencies: Swiss francs, dollars, USD or other currency – said the presidential minister […]

The stabilization of housing prices can be long and uncertain

It should be added immediately that developers and people who plan to sell flats have such hopes. Those who are trying to buy are still counting on falling prices. Price index in the largest cities Meanwhile, they have not fallen below the levels of December 2012 since the beginning of the year – this is […]

How to repay loans?

Everyone who takes a loan would like to pay as little as possible. However, not always a lower installment means cheaper credit. If the reduction in monthly costs is not due to a lower interest rate, but the extension of the period is despite ad hoc benefits, the whole loan can cost us much more. […]